Message form the Scientific Committee

In the last Congress the plenary discussions were very well received. This time the Scientific Committee has decided to offer more of this form.

On behalf of the Scientific Committee we would like to invite all professionals listed in OPEN DISCUSSION TABLES I-II-III-IV (next page) to take part in the preparatory work for the best possible introduction of the topic.

The recommended procedure is to begin and maintain contact with the moderators, with each other, define and share the way for explanation between each other by the shortest, well focused matter for the benefit of the audience. A letter addressed to all members will include the recommended thoughts to be discussed and the e-mail address of each participant.

To avoid a waste of time at the congress and to secure the most valuable interaction, we think it is a good choice to have a “voice of the audience” role. Persons in this role should be moving and talking, asking and answering at the same time, leading the problem to one or two persons at the table. They are meant to be skilled professionals interacting continuously.

The duration of an OPEN DISCUSSION TABLE can hardly be longer than 70-90 minutes. The best speaking person is able to communicate verbally about 180 characters in 3 minutes (including spaces, Hungarian, but English?). Let’s talk with clear sense – without repeating each other.

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