Dear Colleagues, Parents and Friends,


We are slowly approaching the date when the 10th World Congress on Conductive Education is organised. As announced in the last, 9th Congress, the András Pető College as the only applicant had won the right to host the next Congress.


In the following year (on 1 August 2017) the College became András Pető Faculty of Semmelweis University, Budapest, which presents further challenge to conductive education in terms of professional status and intellectual field.


Naturally, the change does not affect the organisation of the Congress, thus the András Pető Faculty, with strong contribution of the International Pető Association, will fulfil its commitment.


All foregoing Congresses provided a forum for the young, an agora for the seniors and, on top of the events of the Association, the useful pleasure of personal encounters. In the 10th World Congress we will do our best to utilise the experiences gained in Congresses that proved successful according to feedback.


According to our plans, plenary lectures and presentations will be less in number but closer related to conductive education and round table discussions will be more and longer in time, allowing more intensive interaction. The number of posters will not be limited, in addition to putting them on display authors will have the opportunity to present them verbally in plenary and/or parallel sessions, to be chaired by competent chairpersons. This means that less time will be dedicated to traditional verbal presentations. Apart from the video section we intend to show a number of films at plenary level, in addition to ensuring the possibility to follow parallel sections.


All the above will need careful and time-consuming editorial work, to which we invite all organisers to contribute but above all to participate in the Congress.


Let us meet between 22 and 26 May 2020 in Budapest in the 10th World Congress on Conductive Education whose motto reads “The Conductor: Attitude, Occupation, Profession”.



Dr. Andrea Zsebe and  Dr. Éva Fekete Szabó

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