Suggested topics (by Mel Brown)

  • from – to and now

  • the volume of the training

  • the character of the training (BA? or lower)

  • number of the trained(discharge number and follow up of the trained persons up to Dec. 2019)

  • What skills do conductors need within their country that may differ from the original Hungarian training?

  • What types of environments do conductors work in and how has this impacted on training?

  • What ‘value’ does conductor training have in their country? How transferable is the qualification to other settings?

  • How have they constructed the course and how does this differ from the more ‘traditional’ conductor training? What national regulations do they have to take care of when developing a training course?

  • How have they managed to merge theory and practice within their national context?

  • Are there challenges recruiting to a ‘small’ profession? If yes, how are these overcome?

  • What future challenges do they see for the conductor profession with regards to training of new professionals?

  • How are the courses/ students funded?

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