Suggested topics (Horváth – Szabó)

„Lege artis educationes conductivae”

(Kozma, I. The basic principles and present practice of conductive education.

Eur J Spec Need Ed 1995; 10 (2):111-123)

  • Pre-historic – direct teaching in personal contact (each by each or in small group)

  • Short history – Relevant milestones (or landmarks) of the development to the classical conductor training

  • The accredited curriculum to be established BA level college (from – to)

  • News on the classical training (conductor, conductor+)

    • B.Sc.-  special training   -   disease-specific conductor training- how to teach what needs to be done and how to achieve goals-       whether there is a summary, obligatory and recommended checklist on facilitation systems – which can be learned by disease

  • MA level training

  • The milder and more serious problems and deficiencies of the training (duration, practice vs theory, competence of conductor, the need for postgraduate curriculum, etc.)

  • Basic training general vs special training-       Age-specific conductor training (kindergarten and school age, adolescence and adult age)- Symptom and/or disease-specific facilitation systems-  Aptitude vs professionalism

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