We are pleased to inform the interested parties about the news related to the VI. International Drawing Competition. A total of 162 works were submitted to the call for proposals.


In October 2020, the 7-member jury reviewed the entries received and proposed the award of prizes. The announcement of the winners has started. With regard to the Coronavirus, the awards will be presented in an unusual way this year. We will contact the contact person on the application form and send the diploma electronically to everyone. The children of the András Pető Faculty will receive their diplomas in person before the World Conference. A film on the receipt of diplomas will be screened at the X World Conference. We also send diplomas to Hungarian children arriving from outside the Faculty by post. A small gift drawing package will also be handed over to Hungarians and Hungarians outside the border.


Age distribution of applicants: 14 applicants in the under 8 age category 67 applicants in the 8 - 12 year old category 70 applicants in the category over 12 years.


Ethnic distribution of applicants: 122 people were Hungarian, of which 88 people were cared for by current or former PAKs 8 Hungarians from Transylvania 32 people abroad (USA, Germany, Poland)


A total of 37 works will be awarded 30 individual winners (21 Hungarians and Hungarians from Transylvania; 9 German and Polish) 7 separate awards (3 American; 1 German group; 3 Hungarian groups)


3 preparatory teachers receive recognition (2 Hungarian, 1 American)

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